Launch Video

We all like the idea of earning free cash on the stock market, but not many of us actually know where to begin.


That’s why when Moneybox approached us to create a video to promote their revolutionary App, it was a no brainer to invest our time in them.


Without disregarding the functionality of the App, the task was to demonstrate the simplistic day-to-day use within an engaging video. So in short, sell the product in a creative nutshell.


A set of 10″ teasers were created alongside this hero video, all used to promote Moneybox’s official launch in 2017. Currently accumulating over 2.5 million views to date, this has been Moneybox’s number one marketing tool for consumer downloads.

∆ Client

  • Moneybox App
  • Launch Video

∆ Platform

  • YouTube & Website

∆ Duration

  • 17 days