Bizzby Sky Stunt

Before drones became a phenomenon on the web, Bizzby approached us to make some noise around their on-demand service App.
We pitched the great spoof idea of on-demand drones. They loved it. We then had the massive task of building a drone service from scratch.
‘Bizzby Sky’ was then born. Branding, building, servicing, programming was all accomplished before a single storyboard was penciled. We then documented it within a ‘corporate’ explainer video, demonstrating the service from click to delivery.
This of course did create noise, from news stations and across the web. A publicity stunt that fooled the world and propelled Bizzby to a new frontier.

∆ Client

  • Bizzby
  • Bizzby Sky PR Stunt

∆ Platform

  • YouTube & News Platforms

∆ Duration

  • 35 days