Boris killed your event too?

There is another way
There is LiveShow


2020 has had a negative impact on the industry but these Livestream videos offer a more positive outlook.

Our LiveShow virtual events are achieving more signups than in-person events.


These signups are resulting in up to 1000% more viewers compared to in-person events.


We’re also seeing a significant boost in social coverage across designated platforms.


Decreased costs when comparing to running and promoting an in-person event.

LiveShow is breathing life back into the events industry.

The reality is many future events will be cancelled... but there is another way.

Working with us

A few words from our friends

Working with the Viral Agency was a pleasure. Under tight timelines and with a complex brief, they understood our vision and executed the project to deliver a final product that exceeded our expectations. It looked slick, engaging and creative - and was well-received by all who watched.

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Young Audio Awards

The event was one of the first awards done virtually. Everything looked and sounded great. It was cool, youthful and fun. Our vision was understood and really delivered. Pretty much everything was done right.

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Tuning In Event

The Viral Agency understood the vision perfectly. It felt slick, pacey and energetic. The event moved quickly and kept viewers engaged. The design was slick but subtle.

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