There are so many different types of viral marketing in 2017, however when we talk about viral marketing we really mean intentional campaigns.


Of course some of the worlds biggest viral sensations occur randomly, however, more often than not we are seeing purposely created viral marketing, which is precisely engineered.
This type of engineered viral marketing has opened up a whole new world for small businesses and brands to find traction and a fan base.


We want these viral messages to spread like… well, a virus.


One of the best known examples of very simply engineered viral marketing comes from Hotmail. When it was first launched, Hotmail used viral marketing to quickly became the leading free email service until Gmail finally overtook them in 2012.


It’s strategy was simple:
1. Offer free email addresses and services
2. Add a short phrase to the bottom of every email sent: “Get your private, free email at”
3. Allow the initial users to start sending emails to their personal and professional networks
4. Watch more users sign up as they discover Hotmail from their friends and colleagues
5. Keep the servers running as the Hotmail virus spreads


At the time, Hotmail was the simplest, most intuitive email service available; and unlike AOL, it was also free. The user-base exploded, and to this day it remains one of the most successful viral marketing case studies.


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