What needs to be said about The Viral Agency.
Well, considering this a complete beginners guide maybe we should start with an example.

Let’s say that you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a marketing manager -and you need some much desired attention for your company, product or brand.

It’s 2017. Are you really going to pay through the nose for a Television Commercial? A Newspaper Ad? RADIO? …surely not.

Why is this the case?

Even if your viewer catches the ad, and temporarily has your name etched in their brain -they have not been specifically & individually targeted for your industry!
This means your advertisement could be playing to deaf ears -and is essentially a gamble. Assuming you want an audience, not poker chips, then we may be the answer to all your prayers.

This is where Viral Marketing is completely different. Its about creating high-end Ad campaigns and sharing them with viewers who really matter. Working with The Viral Agency, we guarantee traction via 3 specific steps.

We call these steps:

– Think
– Create
– Share

What does this mean and how does it help you?

Let’s return to our example.

You’re a decision maker, and in this case decide not to go with the conventional. Instead you approach The Viral Agency to help gain that much desired attention for your company.

First and foremost we THINK.
We think up original and infectious ideas for your audience, designed to be liked, shared and stand out. We do the thinking for you.

Secondly we CREATE.
We create viral and digital video content, with the sole aim to attract attention! This is where we really shine! From pre-production right through to final delivery.

And thirdly we SHARE.
We seed bespoke campaigns tailored for you, spreading conversation across all media platforms, focussing on your target market. Encouraging your audience to comment, share and click …hence kick-starting the viral effect.

The days of over-regulated and overpriced advertising is slowly dying.
We make sure that your campaign is original, shareable and likeable …and unlike traditional advertisement methods – it’s targeted!

It’s why clients love us. It’s why you will too.